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The table environment makes a table float to a convenient place, such as the top of a following page.


    table body
    \caption{title}  % optional
    \label{label}    % also optional

The floating behavior can be controlled with the optional placement specifier; possible values are t (top), b (bottom), and p (dedicated page for floats). Use h to make the table appear where it was defined, or simply don't use the table environment.


		Author    & Piece                 \\ \hline
		Bach      & Cello Suite Number 1  \\
		Beethoven & Cello Sonata Number 3 \\
		Brahms    & Cello Sonata Number 1
	\caption{Top cello pieces}

See also[]

  • \listoftables
  • figure (equivalent environment for images)
  • \ref (for referring to labels)
  • tabular

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