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The footnote command creates a footnote at the bottom of the current page.



The optional argument number allows you to specify the number of the footnote. If you use this then LaTeX does not increment the footnote counter.


By default, LaTeX uses arabic numbers as footnote markers. You can change this with \renewcommand{\thefootnote}{cmd{footnote}}, where cmd is one of \alph, \Alph, \arabic, \roman, \Roman, or \fnsymbol. To make this change global put that in the preamble. If you make the change local then you may want to reset the counter with \setcounter{footnote}{0}.

In a minipage environment the \footnote command uses the mpfootnote counter instead of the footnote counter, so they are numbered independently. They are shown at the bottom of the environment, not at the bottom of the page. And by default they are shown alphabetically.

See also[]

  • \footnoterule – Produces the horizontal rule separating the main text from footnotes


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